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Software systems are quoted “as it is” unless otherwise mentioned by myPOS Software Solutions in writing. The client, by accepting the quotation and placing the purchase order/advance payment accepts that the client will receive only the options listed in the quotations provided by myPOS and only the options listed under each payment/version option. Example: If the client has opted for SME/Single user option, myPOS will provide only the options marked as available under such option and accessibility for a single user. If the client wishes to have customizations on the system, a quotation will be provided and myPOS Software Solutions will deliver the solutions on confirmation and upon receiving the payments for the modifications.


User training and implementations will be covered during the said time plans defined in the final proposal, which will be done based on the detailed system study. The client should not hold myPOS Software Solutions responsible or hold any payments due to delay of implementations due to the delays caused by the client or its operators, based on the delivery of customizations or new requirements presented by the client after the initial system study and handover signing off process, unavailability of documentation such as user manuals, diagrams, by comparing systems/options provided by myPOS with other software or what the client may assume as a standard of such system is not available in myPOS, etc. In the event of software is purchased as an outright purchase then the client has the option of signing up a maintenance agreement with myPOS Software Solutions after completing three (3) months of live run. Software maintenance charge is 20% of the total software cost including any additional charges made for customizations and updates if any. This 20% will be fixed for the first four (4) years and will be reduced to 17.5% for the next two (2) years and will remain as 15% throughout the rest of the period of usage of the system by the client regardless of the number of years. myPOS will provide a standard software license agreement to the client and will not entertain any changes to any of the clauses other than the basic contact, date of signing, details of signees, and location details of the agreement

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