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From Struggling to Succeeding: How Wasana FoodCity Used 24x7 Retail to Boost Customer Loyalty

Wasana FoodCity is a well-known supermarket located in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Despite being in business for several years, the store faced a major challenge when it came to creating a returning customer base and increasing sales. The lack of proper customer relationship management (CRM) tools made it difficult for the store to keep track of customer purchases and preferences, resulting in missed opportunities for customer engagement and loyalty.

Prior to implementing a cloud-based POS ERP solution like 24x7 Retail, Wasana FoodCity had no records of customer transactions. It was almost impossible for the store to track customer behavior manually, and they had no way of knowing who their loyal customers were, what products they purchased, or how often they shopped at the store. This made it difficult for the store to identify sales trends and target customers with relevant marketing messages.

To address these challenges, Wasana FoodCity decided to implement a customer loyalty system with the help of 24x7 Retail. The system provided several tools for CRM management, including multi-tiered point schemes, OTP-based point redemptions, and identification of sales demand based on customer segments.

The new customer loyalty program provided incentives for customers to return to the store and make repeat purchases. By offering rewards for customer loyalty, Wasana FoodCity was able to encourage customers to shop more frequently and spend more money at the store. The system also allowed the store to identify high-value customers and target them with personalized marketing messages and promotions.

The implementation of 24x7 Retail also helped automate the purchasing process based on sales trends. By tracking customer behavior, the system was able to identify which products were in high demand and adjust inventory levels accordingly. This helped the store to avoid overstocking of items that were not selling well and minimize waste.

After implementing the new CRM system, Wasana FoodCity saw a significant improvement in customer loyalty and sales. The store was able to identify and reward their most valuable customers, leading to increased customer retention and a loyal customer base. Additionally, the store was able to identify sales trends and adjust their inventory levels accordingly, leading to a reduction in waste and increased profitability.

The implementation of a cloud-based POS ERP solution like 24x7 Retail helped Wasana FoodCity to overcome their challenges with customer relationship management and increase sales. By implementing a customer loyalty program and automating the purchasing process based on sales trends, the store was able to encourage customer loyalty, increase sales, and minimize waste.

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