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What is a Direct Goods Received Note?

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

A Direct Goods Received Note handles the acknowledgment of the provision of goods sent by a supplier without having the need to refer to a Purchase Order for the transaction. The content included in this document includes details of Suppliers such as Supplier Name, Supplier Invoice Number, and item details regarding the goods received.

Direct GRNs are important as it acts as a confirmation for businesses that the requested order or delivery was sent by the supplier and marked as received.

Benefits of using Direct Goods Received Notes

Direct Goods Received Notes are crucial for finance teams to verify that there are no discrepancies between the invoice and the goods received. Documenting a Direct GRN is also a faster process than documenting a GRN as there is no Purchase Order to be referenced in the process.

How do a Direct Goods Received Note Work?

The typical process involved in documenting a Direct Goods Received Note is as follows,

1. Firstly, the customer receives the goods from a supplier.

2. Then a physical verification is performed to confirm that the quantities of the received

goods are accurate.

3. Once the goods are verified, the company issues a Direct Goods Received Note and a

copy is sent to the supplier confirming the receipt of the requested goods.

How to Create a Direct Goods Received Note

The Direct Goods Received Note is a document used to acknowledge provision of goods delivered by suppliers to a business. As opposed to a GRN, a Direct Goods Received Note does not require a Purchase Order to be referenced in the process.

To create a new Direct Goods Received Note using mySky, select the Direct Goods Received Note tab from the Orders and Receiving category through the menu located on the left side of the screen.

After selecting it, you will be greeted with the Direct Goods Received Note menu.

This menu contains tabs such as Transaction, Details, Remarks, and Attachments.

When creating a new Direct Goods Received Note, firstly head to the Transaction tab. The document number will be auto-generated so there is no need to enter anything for that field.

Choose the supplier that you are receiving goods from, by either entering the supplier code or by selecting the supplier using the search button.

The supplier invoice and remarks fields are optional.

Choose the location where the Direct Goods Received Note is being created.

Afterward, select the Details tab located next to the Transaction tab.

Using this tab, you can add the goods that are to be delivered by the suppliers.

You can either enter the item code or search for the item using the search button provided.

After selecting an item, the product description, stock in hand, cost, and selling price are automatically filled out. Then enter the unit quantity to be received and press Enter. The total amounts will be calculated automatically.

You can add more products using the green plus button at the bottom left of the page.

Using the Remarks tab, you can add any relevant remarks to the document.

The Attachment tab allows you to attach any files that might be relevant to the document.

Using the Save button, you have the option to save and process the document. By saving the document, you can later retrieve that document using the document number and continue editing the document. After processing the document, the document will be finalized, and you will no longer be able to edit any information.

After processing the document, you can print it in either Excel or PDF format.

Let's look at how to create a direct Goods Received Note in mySky back office.

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